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RENOLIT FEP greases are multi-purpose extreme pressure Lithium based greases with EP additives. They also contain special inhibitors to increase ageing stability and anti-corrosion properties. RENOLIT FEP greases have a very high resistance to mechanical loads, minimise wear under heavy and shock load conditions and give excellent protection against water washout and rusting. RENOLIT FEP greases are available in NLGI consistencies numbers 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, & 3.

RENOLIT FEP greases exhibits good water washout resistance, coupled with a high dropping point. It is therefore suitable for the lubrication of both plain and rolling element bearings operating under high temperature, high load conditions. Operating temperatures up to 120°C can be withstood, or higher if the grease is frequently replenished. RENOLIT FEP greases offer the following benefits

· High temperature capability.
· Withstand high loads and shock loading.
· Resistant to water washout.
· Suitable for most bearing operations.

RENOLIT FEP greases can be used for most industrial and automotive applications, where loaded bearings and joints exist.

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