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1- RENISO MS 32, 46, 68
Refrigeration oils

The refrigeration oils of the RENISO MS series are based on a combination of alkylbenzenes and highlyrefined naphthene-based mineral oil components. Because of a special additive system, extensive wear protection is achieved and reliable lubrication of highly-stressed compressors is insured. The special refrigerant characteristics permit use in lowtemperature systems and in heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

The RENISO MS series is suitable for the lubrication of coolant compressors with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) according to DIN 51503 KC that are highly stressed thermally and chemically.

Because of good miscibility with the refrigerants R22 and R502, the
refrigerant oils of the RENISO MS series are especially recommended for these coolants and as well for chlorine-containing transitional coolants (“drop in”), e.g. R401 and R402.

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Fully synthetic refrigeration oils based on polyol esters (POE) for chlorine-free refrigerants.  These refrigeration oils show good lubricity under hydrocarbon atmosphere.

Due to their high viscosity indices, RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ products prove to have excellent cold flow properties and a highly stable lubricating film under high temperature conditions.

The RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ series is particularly suited for all refrigeration circuits, in which chlorine-free HFC/FC refrigerants, e.g. R134a, R404A or R410A are used.

Depending on the viscosity, RENISO TRITON SE/SEZ refrigeration oils are recommended for hermetical, semi-hermetical and open piston compressors and for screw-type and turbo-compressors.
RENISO TRITON SEZ 22 is especially suitable for deep-freeze systems operating with R23.


  • RENISO SE/SEZ products are refrigeration oils according to DIN 51 503: KD, KE

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