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CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 is based on a high-viscosity base oil mixture with aluminum-complex soap as a thickener. The purest and finest colloidal graphite included in CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 and its special additive package provide CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 with its unmatched properties. CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 together with CEPLATTYN RN and CEPLATTYN 300 represent the balanced system of the FUCHS LUBRITECH multi-phase lubrication.

CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 can be used for heavy-load applications because of its high base oil viscosity and the resulting cushioning effect. The high content of solid lubricants guarantees temperature stability of the lubricating film, even if the normal temperature range is exceeded. CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF-1000 serves as an operating lubricant for Open Gear drives, as primarily used in rotary kilns, ball mills for coal grinding, dryers, and large excavators, for example used in primary industries. Large chains, gear racks, and sliding surfaces in steel hydraulics construction can also be lubricated reliably.

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