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RENOFORM HBX 60 is a solid-matter, wax-like forming lubricant that is predominantly used in the drawing of difficult-to-form steels, stainless steels and aluminium alloys.

RENOFORM HBX 60 does not contain solvents or other volatile compounds. The residual film ensures a good corrosion prevention for the treated parts.

RENOFORM HBX 60 is melted and produces a fluid that is capable of flowing or spraying. The product is applied onto the parts to be treated by means of hot-spraying or squeezing using rollers made of non-wovens. We recommend to spray and filtrate the product at a temperature of between 45 and 65 °C.

Parts treated with RENOFORM HBX 60 can be degreased using solvents or aqueous-alkaline cleaners. When using an aqueous cleaning method, we recommend a bath temperature of > 60 °C.

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