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Founded as family business in 1931, FUCHS today is a group with global reach. Among the independent producers FUCHS is the world's largest supplier of industrial lubricants. By 1952, FUCHS was shipping its own products to the Middle East. Exports grew in Europe and a sales office was established in Hanover. After establishing its first foreign subsidiaries in 1968, FUCHS began strong expansion all over the world in 1972. By the end of eighties, a once regional, family owned company had become a large multinational group with many production and distribution companies worldwide. 

FUCHS combines German Technology with a worldwide team of specialists to create advanced lubrication systems for our customers everywhere. This reflects the wide range of state-of-the-art FUCHS products, in fact, 70% of sales come from products developed within the last five years. FUCHS has a widely diversified automotive product range meeting the requirements set by American, European & Asian oil engine manufacturers; as well as industrial product for virtually all customary and niche application.
FUCHS has an extensive range of lubricants and greases with tailor-made solutions for various market niches in addition to its industrial products, standard product range for cars, motorcycles, and haulage and passenger transportation. The industries benefiting from the FUCHS range of products include steel mining industries, cement plants, sugar mills, railways, power plants, textile industries, plastic manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and construction industry. As part of the FUCHS marketing mix, we guarantee full customer support and carry out surveys of industrial plants and equipment and make recommendations on the correct use of lubricants. This means that however specialized your demands, you can be sure that they will be serviced. 

FUCHS has sophisticated quality control laboratories and ISO 9000 quality certified blending plants, which guarantee that all products are manufactured to meet the highest international standards.

FUCHS owns and operates state-of-the-art lubricant manufacturing plants throughout the world. From tailor made specialty lubricants to high quality retail products, these plants manufacture about 10,000 different products. Advanced laboratories and quality accreditation (International Standard Organization) ensure the highest degree of quality control on product standards and specifications

FUCHS provides high performance lubricants for all cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural equipment and stationary engines for power generation. FUCHS products have been formulated to meet the latest requirements of American Petroleum Institute (API), ACEA / CCMC, US-MIL. The products also meet the requirements of major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) i.e. Caterpillar, MB, Cummins, MAN, MACK, MTU, VOLVO, VW Wartsila ....etc

Our goal in lubricant research is to find the optimum products to reduce friction in different technical situations. This increases the life of your machinery and reduces your energy costs. There are hundreds of chemists and engineers worldwide involved in research and development, quality control and application engineering. They work together producing highly specialized, innovative products that fulfill your exact requirements. This is the secret of the FUCHS high level of technical performance and specialization.
FUCHS research and development is constantly active, in fact, 70% of sales come from products developed within the last five years. FUCHS has developed an equipment conditionmonitoring program designed to analyze the wear characteristics of mechanical components. The Controlled Engineering Tribological service (CENT) is unique to the FUCHS group of companies. CENT is of benefit on a wide range of mechanical equipment from engines to machine tools and is used in many varied industries such as aerospace, steel production, petrochemical, cement, etc. FUCHS has about 40 laboratories equipped with state of the art equipment around the world. Worldwide there are about 400 people working on research, development and technical areas.