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1- ECOCUT Series

In spite of a noticeable trend away from chip forming machining, no real progress has been made in alternative machining processes. The greatest influence on the service life of a tool is the thermal build-up at the cutting zone. Cutting oil must therefore reduce such thermal build-up. This can be achieved in two ways:
1. By reducing the cutting energy.
2. By improving the heat dissipation at source.

Both measures require the use of cutting oil. At the same time as cooling, the oil reduces the friction generated, which in turn leads to a reduction in energy consumed. This results in further temperature drop and yet another reduction in the cutting energy needed. As a result even less heat is generated and even less energy is absorbed. The use of a compatible cooling and cutting oil to reduce friction between the chip and the surface increases the shearing angle and chip depth possible. This result in a reduction in cutting energy absorbed and heat build-up.

ECOCUT cutting and grinding oils fulfil the stated requirements and have been tried and tested over many years. In addition they offer the following advantages:
• Good flushing properties
• Extended tool life due to reduced wear and friction between tool and work piece
• Maintenance of tool hardness and cutting efficiency and reduced heat build-up
• Good surface finish and accuracy due to maintenance of tool shape and reduced expansion
• Improved chip formation
• Energy saving
• Low misting, improved workshop conditions, low oil losses and a reduction in workshop contamination
• Excellent skin compatibility.

Application Material Group Material Machinability index (approx) Designation

Group 1 Free machining steels 80 WS - 1

Group 2 Difficult to machine steels 50 WS - 2

Group 3 Extremely difficult to machine steels 25 WS - 3

Group 4 Titanium and Titanium alloys 25 WS - 4

Group 5 Grey and malleable cast iron 60 - 100 WS - 5

Group 6 Non ferrous metals 100 - 600 WS - 6

Group 7 Aluminium and Aluminium alloys WS - 7

Group 8 Magnesium and Magnesium alloys WS - 8

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