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ECOCOOL MK 3 is specially compounded emulsifying cutting oil composed of petroleum oil and special emulsifiers. It mixes readily with hot or cold water. It forms homogeneous and exceptionally stable emulsions that show no apparent separation after long periods of usage or storage.

Metal cutting and grinding operations generate heat. The prime requirement therefore, is to select a fluid that reduces heat generation and increases its dissipation. The effectiveness with which this is accomplished has a direct bearing on increasing feed, speed, tool life, and improving surface finish. An efficient and economical way to control heat is to use the excellent cooling properties of an emulsion. Additionally, an effective cutting and grinding fluid must contain anti corrosion properties to protect the work piece during the manufacturing process. Another characteristic which enhances its usefulness is stability, whether in use or in storage.

ECOCOOL MK 3 emulsions are the preferred choice for grinding and for machining operations where cooling is of the utmost importance. It meets the basic application requirements described above in a highly satisfactory and economical manner.

ECOCOOL MK 3 is usually used in an oil to water ratio ranging from 1:10 to 1:60. Because there are so many variables to be considered from job-to-job, it is impractical to make a specific recommendation of optimum oil to water ratios. However, in general the richer emulsions are used for the more difficult jobs, the intermediate for the freemachining metals and the lean mixtures are used for such operations such as grinding, where massive cooling is required. Care to be taken for the quality of water. Ideal hardness of water for preparing the emulsion is 125ppm.

ECOCOOL MK 3 is specially inhibited to give it effective anti - corrosion properties. It will prevent corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous machined metal parts. Work pieces machined with such emulsions ordinarily need no further corrosion protection during subsequent handling or manufacturing processes because the thin film protects for a suitable period. The properties of

ECOCOOL MK 3 permit production of clean work, excellent surface finish and minimum tool wear. When used as a grinding coolant, emulsion will contribute to long wheel life, accurate tolerances and superior finish. When preparing emulsions of ECOCOOL MK 3 and water, always add oil to water. Stability of the emulsion is enhanced when it is put through a homogenisation process.

ECOCOOL MK-3 containers should be stored under cover out of sunlight, in well ventilated conditions. Preferable storage period is 6 months(maximum). It is not recommended to store the emulsion.
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